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Football Methodology

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At Casvi Football Academy they understand that the improvement of players, depending on their position on the pitch, is fundamental for their individual growth. Hence the importance of specific work in their methodology. This video shows an example of a task in which finishing is worked on and in which

Keys to academic and sporting success Educational learning activities at both Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi and Casvi International American School do not only consist of giving information, explaining concepts and proposing exercises to check if they are understood. We also work on the different study techniques or methods that can

International schools such as Casvi Villaviciosa and Casvi Tres Cantos offer an ideal environment to develop a greater global awareness that fosters an international mindset. That is much needed in today's society. This is also the aim of our high performance football school Casvi Footbal Academy.     Students from the Casvi Group

Casvi Football Academy is a Professional Football Academy. From the very beginning, offers the necessary tools to achieve academic excellence and sporting excellence. It is experience that has shown us how important it is for a professional sportsman or woman that the two go hand in hand. A circumstance that

Academic excellence and high sporting performance with Casvi and CFA   In the Casvi Group of Schools we have been accompanying young people in their academic, sporting and life education for more than 30 years. We do so from the conviction that education is an agent of change that makes a better

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