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Casvi Football Academy

What is done in a Soccer Academy in Spain?

A Soccer Academy in Spain is a center where great soccer players from all over the world look for their chance. The place where they want to maximize their talent in order to achieve their great dream: to become professional footballers. This is the case of the High Performance Soccer School Casvi Football Academy, located in Madrid and aimed at boys and girls between 12 and 16 years old.

There are many who doubt whether to travel to another country to be part of a Football Academy. For this reason, having as much information as possible about them can help them to take the definitive step. And it is here where we are going to answer all these questions. What do you do in a Football Academy in Spain? What are the particularities of Casvi Football Academy?


Casvi Football Academy


What do you do in a Soccer Academy in Spain?

Soccer Academies in Spain are the place where the player focuses on soccer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Without forgetting, as it happens in Casvi Football Academy, the academic part, being able to enjoy here a quality education based on the International Baccalaureate methodology.

They are high performance centers where, in addition, the soccer players are housed in the facilities themselves and transportation is not a problem, since they can train meters away from their room. In the case of the CFA, in the facilities of Casvi International American School, in Tres Cantos -Madrid-, campus where the playing fields and the Residence are located.

A great advantage to be able to focus on the activities that are carried out in a Soccer Academy in Spain.

Casvi Football Academy


What do you do in a soccer academy in Spain like Casvi Football Academy?

Casvi Football Academy, a reference soccer academy in Spain, has developed a comprehensive work method that aims to maximize the sporting performance of the players. To do so, they train all the variables involved in soccer that have to do with technical, tactical and game comprehension skills, as well as physical and psychological abilities.

For the development of these capabilities, they have a method structured in different sections that are broken down into:

  • Training.
  • Physical Preparation.
  • Psychological Preparation.
  • Competition.
  • Sessions with specialized trainers.


Casvi Football Academy


Complete and comprehensive training

A 360º training that is completed with other activities that will complete an unforgettable experience in a Soccer Academy in Spain:

  • PLAYERS EXPERIENCE. One of the greatest attractions of our Soccer Academy in Spain is its location. Madrid is currently one of the epicenters of world soccer, as it has a large number of professional teams, with their respective academies. That is why Casvi Football Academy players are offered the possibility of living an unforgettable experience training for a few days with top level academies in the Community of Madrid.
  • One of the star events within our 360º training will be the trip that every year is offered to the players and in which they will visit a First Division Club in Spain. In addition to this trip, every year there will also be a day of coexistence in the Rural Center that Grupo Educativo Casvi has in the Sierra de Gredos, where they will be able to get to know one of the most beautiful natural places in Spain.
  • CULTURAL AND LEISURE DEVELOPMENT. Casvi Football Academy students, besides receiving their academic education and sports training, will be able to enjoy a full life experience in Madrid. The capital of Spain is one of the most important cities in Europe, which will provide a wide variety of cultural, leisure and gastronomic opportunities.
  • NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS. Every year Casvi Football Academy teams are offered the possibility to attend the best National and International Tournaments. In this way, the players complete their training in this Football Academy in Spain with an unforgettable experience.


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