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Casvi Football Academy

Psychopedagogical and guidance counselling in the classroom and in sport

The importance of the Guidance Department in a school is fundamental. And it is at Casvi, given the tools it provides students, parents and teachers with to ensure that their time at Casvi is successful. Its task is to work to ensure that all students have an integral development. This will help them to achieve academic and personal success.

The same is true in the world of sport and therefore at Casvi Football Academy. A good psychological preparation improves the skills that influence sporting performance as a goal. We are referring to attention control, self-esteem, thought control, self-confidence or stress management. At Casvi Football Academy they are very clear about this. The better the psychological skills, the better the performance of the players in tactical, technical and physical aspects.


Orientación en Casvi Football Academy


Psychopedagogical actions of the Guidance Department in Casvi

The Guidance Department at Casvi, according to the needs of each of our students, carries out the following actions:

  • It supports the teaching and learning process in order to attend to the needs of the pupils.
  • Also, it carries out early detection of pupils with developmental delay and high performance in the different areas of development in Infant Education.
  • Attends to and advises families, teachers and pupils.
  • Carries out psycho-pedagogical evaluations and offers recommendations to parents and teachers to treat different learning difficulties.
  • Diagnoses pupils with high abilities and advises teachers when planning differentiated teaching.
  • It offers pedagogical advice to the school.
  • Guarantees equal opportunities of access, permanence and promotion in the educational system.
  • Facilitates social and educational integration.
  • It enables specific attention to be given to foreign pupils with no knowledge of the Spanish language or with a serious curricular gap.
  • Finally, it enhances the enrichment aspects of diversity.


Departamento de Orientación en Casvi


In addition, another series of actions are scheduled on an annual basis:

  • Cognitive assessments.
  • Also, assessment of Reading Comprehension and Fluency.
  • Assessment of basic mental skills to check that the pupils’ progress corresponds to that expected for a child of their age.
  • Socio-emotional charts are carried out to find out how pupils relate to each other in the classroom, their socio-emotional competences and their social skills.
  • Questionnaires are carried out to find out about the social climate and coexistence in the classroom. The aim is to prevent possible cases of bullying.
  • Participation in the redistribution of pupils at different times in their academic life.


Departamento de Orientación en Casvi


Vocational guidance from the Guidance Department in Casvi

At Casvi we are aware that the clearer our students are about their career goal, the more effectively they will work towards it. For this reason, the Guidance Department helps them to reflect on their professional vocation as early as possible. This serves as a guide and stimulus in their passage through Secondary and Baccalaureate. And it manages to guide their steps towards the most appropriate university choice.

Thus, vocational guidance is carried out in Casvi from Secondary Education onwards. In this way, our pupils can find out about their potential, vocation, professional interests and the possibilities offered by the outside world. They are made aware of possible jobs in the future and the training they need in the present to do them. This is carried out through all kinds of activities: tests, talks, university orientation fairs, meetings with former students…


Departamento de Orientación en Casvi


Psychology Department at Casvi Football Academy

The Casvi Football Academy works psychologically on the “Izof de Hanim” model (zone of optimal functioning). The objective at a mental level is to find these zones in each psychological variable to maximise the player’s performance.

All this is complemented by the importance of the figure of our sports director, Nano Rivas. Former professional football player between 2000 and 2014, as well as coach of teams in the Spanish and Belgian 2nd Division.

His personal and professional development make Nano Rivas a perfect connoisseur of the whole trajectory that a player goes through from adolescence to professional football. This allows for a complete and broad understanding of everything that is necessary to develop a player to become an elite footballer. Including the psychological section with topics such as overcoming, frustration or the assimilation of victory.

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