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Hidratación en los futbolistas

Hydration in sports children – Casvi Sport Academy

The importance of proper hydration in sports children

Hydration in sports children is one of the most important aspects to achieve the best physical and mental performance. We must not forget that water is present in 60% of our body.  All our systems need this liquid in order to function optimally.

Hydration is related to the correct amount of water that our body needs when carrying out a certain activity. In the case of athletes, hydration is paramount. Their water level should never be below the estimated level, in order to be able to carry out their sporting activity with total safety and guarantee.


The importance of hydration in sports

Hydration in sports chilfren is essential in any sport and especially in adolescents, in the process of development. Drinking properly is directly related to high performance and excellence, as well as to good recovery after physical exertion.

To know how much fluid will be lost during physical exercise, several variables must be considered: the intensity of the activity, duration, temperature, humidity, altitude, and other terrain conditions, as well as the physical characteristics of the athlete.


Hidratación en el futbolista


When playing soccer, the water inside the body lubricates the joints, protects organs, and tissues and absorbs heat from the muscles, which is then eliminated by sweating. In this way, an optimal body temperature is maintained.


How to achieve good hydration in sports children

When sweating during a training session or match, a large amount of water is lost. If it is not replenished in time, the athlete can suffer a drop in performance of 20-30%. During training sessions, hydration is easy, as it is possible to drink at any time. However, it is more difficult during our children’s games. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of the opportunity when the game is stopped; and it is advisable to develop a hydration strategy before, during and after physical exertion.

Soccer is an aerobic and anaerobic sport because it combines endurance with strength and speed. In a professional soccer match, players cover a distance of between 8 and 14 kilometers. This also depends on their position on the field and their physical and technical conditions.

Good hydration slows down the onset of fatigue and thus the decline in performance. But it is true that many players do not drink enough during or after the game and their speed or their passing or dribbling skills are reduced.


Hidratación en el futbolista


To know if there is a correct water level in the body, urine is the best test. The break of the match is the ideal time to check the color of the urine. If it is clear, the degree of hydration is good; if it is darker, you need to drink more fluids..


Hydrate before starting the activity

To prevent dehydration, it is important to drink fluids at least one hour before the match or training. It is recommended to drink between 5 and 7 milliliters per kilogram of weight. And if possible, drinks with sodium since they retain liquids and stimulate thirst.


Hydration during physical exercise

It is recommended to drink beverages containing sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates to recover water loss quickly. If the practice lasts more than one hour, the consumption will be higher. Another important aspect is that the beverage should not be too cold, between 15 and 21 °C. It is also not advisable to drink too much, as playing over hydrated is not a good option to do it at 100%.


Hydrating after exercise

Once the training or match is over, it is important to recover lost fluids and electrolytes. In the following six hours, it is necessary to consume 50% more fluids than those lost through sweating. If the exercise was very intense and the dehydration was also intense, it is advisable to drink frequently in the following 24 to 48 hours. Above all, water and drinks with potassium, carbohydrates, and sodium to favor absorption.


Hidratación en el futbolista


It is essential to have in the technical staff a person in charge of supervising the correct hydration of the athletes. Also, of specialists in sports nutrition to preserve their health and achieve the maximum possible performance within the possibilities of each athlete. In our high-performance soccer school, we have the best experts who indicate to each child what to drink and in what quantities. The goal is that they can develop the physical exercise without any problem and can demonstrate on the field all their qualities. Visit our facilities. We are waiting for you!

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