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10 characteristics to be the ideal candidate for a Professional Football School

By following a few simple guidelines, not far from effort and work, you can be the ideal candidate in a Professional Football School, a sports institution dedicated to the formation and training of football players at a professional level. These football schools also have highly qualified coaches and trainers. They also have high quality training facilities. And rigorous training programmes to help players develop their technical and tactical skills on the pitch. In the case of the Casvi Football Academy in Madrid, it goes one step further. It offers an academic programme of excellence based on the International Baccalaureate methodology, aimed at helping players combine their education with their sporting career.

But what does the ideal candidate for a professional football school like the CFA look like? These are the 10 most important and essential characteristics:

    1. Technical ability: Ability to control the ball with precision and speed.
    2. Physical condition: Endurance, speed, strength and flexibility.
    3. Tactics and strategy: Ability to understand the game and follow tactical instructions.
    4. Teamwork: Ability to communicate and cooperate with other players on the field.
    5. Discipline: Ability to follow rules and commit to training.
    6. Winning mentality: Positive attitude and determination to win.
    7. Passion for football: Love and dedication to the sport.
    8. Adaptability: Ability to adjust to different roles and positions on the field.
    9. Creativity: Ability to innovate and create playing opportunities.
    10. Off-field behaviour: Respect for the rules and good conduct off the field.


How to improve technical skills to be an ideal candidate for a professional football academy

Here are some tips for improving technical skills in football:

  • Spend time practising your technical skills every day.
  • Watch and study professional football players.
  • Improve ball control and dribbling, kicking and passing skills.
  • Work on speed, strength and agility to improve your ability to execute technical movements with ease.
  • Play with people of different abilities to adapt to different playing situations.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and be willing to learn and improve.


Oriented controls at Casvi Football Academy


How to improve resilience

These are the steps to follow to become the ideal candidate in a Professional Football School:

  • Perform high intensity exercises with short rest periods.
  • Running long distances or lifting weights helps improve overall physical endurance.
  • Incorporating sprint training into your routine facilitates anaerobic endurance and recovery capacity.
  • Performing ball drills such as passing and dribbling can help with the ability to maintain possession of the ball throughout a game.
  • Incorporate other sports or activities such as cycling or swimming.
  • Adequate rest is essential to allow the body to recover and improve physical endurance.


How to improve your tactics and strategy to be the ideal candidate for a Professional Football School

The following activities should be carried out:

  • Observe and study professional football matches.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and adjust tactics and strategy accordingly.
  • Effective communication between team members is crucial for tactical coordination.
  • Discover what tactics and strategies work best for your team.
  • Train in real game situations.


How to improve teamwork in football

Without fulfilling these premises, you will never be the ideal candidate for a professional football academy:

  • Effective communication
  • Understanding the role of each player.
  • Build trust.
  • Practice together.
  • Analysing matches together.
  • Have a team mentality.
  • Celebrate successes together.


Casvi Football Academy


How to improve discipline in football

To improve discipline it is necessary to:

  • Establish clear rules and consequences for non-compliance.
  • Encourage individual responsibility for following rules and taking responsibility for actions.
  • Set clear expectations for player behaviour on and off the field.
  • Practice self-discipline, such as arriving early for practice and completing assigned tasks.
  • Have strong leadership.
  • Analysing and learning from team mistakes can help improve discipline and reduce the likelihood of repetition.
  • Maintain a positive attitude by making sure to recognise and celebrate good behaviour and effort by players.


How to improve the winning mentality to be the ideal candidate in a Professional Football School

Here are some tips to improve the winning mentality in football:

  • Set clear goals.
  • Visualise success.
  • Build confidence.
  • Practice difficult game situations.
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Analyse mistakes.
  • Encourage a culture of hard work.


Casvi Football Academy


How to improve adaptability in football

There are several ways to improve adaptability in order to be the ideal candidate for a Professional Football School:

  • Practice varied game situations.
  • Be flexible in tactics and be willing to change strategy depending on the circumstances of the match.
  • Encourage players to communicate with each other and to adapt to changes in the match.
  • Develop multi-faceted skills, such as the ability to play in different positions.
  • Maintain a positive mentality and be open to learn from difficult situations.
  • Analysing and learning from the team’s mistakes can help identify areas for improvement.
  • Practising resilience, such as overcoming a disadvantage on the scoreboard, can help foster adaptability and the ability to cope with difficult situations on the field.


How to improve creativity in football to be the ideal candidate for a professional football academy

It is achieved in this way:

  • Improving technical skills, such as dribbling and ball handling, can help players to be more creative on the field.
  • Encouraging improvisation.
  • Promoting tactical freedom on the field, such as allowing players to change positions or create their own moves.
  • Practising the passing game.
  • Encouraging experimentation with different styles of play.
  • Setting creative challenges.
  • Encouraging confidence.


Women's soccer in Spain and at Casvi Football Academy


How to improve off-field behaviour in football

It is easy as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Set clear expectations and communicate them clearly to the players and the team.
  • Promote team values such as respect, honesty and responsibility.
  • Encourage individual and collective responsibility.
  • Providing support to players off the field, either through mentoring or support services, can help maintain good behaviour.
  • Set clear limits on inappropriate behaviour and the consequences of such behaviour.
  • Maintain open and honest communication with players and staff.


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